Transit Plan

CBC: Campbell unveils $14B transit upgrade for B.C.

Provincial Government plan site (and accompanying PDF)

Yes, it’s ambitious, it’s much needed, but it’s still vague and in need of funding. I would definitely like to see the whole thing come to fruition, as it can provide Greater Vancouver with a vastly expanded rapid transit network supported with a bus fleet (most of which will run on alternative fuels) that is almost twice as large as it is now.

However, I find that the vagueness of the thing can derail this plan almost as soon as it’s started. If you look at the maps, the proposed Expo extension to Fleetwood, Millennium extension to UBC, and the Evergreen Line are still described as “conceptual alignments”. The Evergreen Line’s routing and technology is frustratingly unknown. On the other hand, these alignments can be guided through public input, which, for the Expo Line extension, could bring it to Guildford or Newton instead.

The bus rapid transit announcements for Hastings and West 41st are confusing; will these replace the already-announced B-Lines for these arterials, or are they the same thing? Nevertheless, I think the whole plan is a big positive step in providing much-needed transit improvements to the region.


One Comment on “Transit Plan”

  1. Stephen Rees says:

    The biggest problem is timing. The road expansion will occur first so the idea that somehow this transit expansion “balances” that is nonsense. The impact on sprawl is already apparent – and the transit has to be in place before the development occurs to have any effect on mode choice. It is also not a new plan – we have heard all this before from other governments that did not deliver. No government can bind those that come after it. So anything outside the current mandate needs to be viewed with suspicion. The commitment is not real.

    What can be celebrated is that it shows that constant lobbying for transit can have some effect. Now apply Campbell’s rhetoric on Monday to the Gateway, and his inconsistency is only too clear. He did not cancel the Gateway – yet that is going to far exceed the ghg saving s claimed for transit expansion. He has been told by many that his Gateway plan does not fit his ghg reduction plan. And his transit “plan” makes so little difference I wonder why he bothered. He is just making another target of himself. That is the other cause for celebration. The almost universal raspberry he got from what has been, up to now, his lap dog – the press.

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