St Vincent, pray for us.

Today (Tuesday) happens to be the feast day for St Vincent of Saragossa (who is patron saint of wine makers), but I’m going to talk about the musician née Annie Clark.

Marry Me coverIf there was one new artist whose music I adored during 2007, it would have to be St Vincent. Marry Me, I’ve once read, can be an album that hipsters and their grandparents can listen to, and I think that can be an apt description. From the cabaret sounds of “Paris Is Burning” and “What Me Worry?” to the guitar thrash at the end of “Now Now”, this album covers plenty of ground. This can be problematic for some debuts, but St Vincent manages to pull it off, and then some. The little touches, if you listen for them, are another indication of how good this album is. Sleigh bells (?) in “Jesus Saves, I Spend” and the title track, and the ting! at the very end of “What Me Worry?” are just two examples.

St Vincent at BumbershootThis picture was taken when she performed at Bumbershoot in Seattle. Mind you, I had purchased the CD the day before and still hadn’t had a chance to listen to it when I saw her perform. But I was impressed when she came up to the stage by herself and played the songs as a one-woman band. I was shocked that she was only there for 30 minutes when the program listed her going for 60. No matter, because I was hooked.

Personal favourites: “Now Now”, “Paris Is Burning”, “All My Stars Aligned”

St Vincent



One Comment on “St Vincent, pray for us.”

  1. […] album is a great follow-up to her debut, Marry Me. The multi-layered sounds are still there. Annie Clark’s voice carries each of the songs and, […]

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