Yay, Sarah!

CBC: Sarah McLachlan brings power of music to Vancouver schools

I also saw the cover of Thursday’s 24 Hours. Later that day, I was popping in some old VHS tapes I uncovered while preparing for my move, and I re-discovered Sarah McLachlan’s Intimate and Interactive session at Much in 1997, just before she released Surfacing (wiki). Going through bits of that I&I again, and the Spotlight of videos I recorded after that, I realized how you could not be enchanted by Sarah McLachlan, especially in the kind of setting you seldom see at Much nowadays. Couldn’t find any YouTube of the I&I, but I loved this video when it came out:

Going back to my original links, it’s also nice to see that Sarah is still active in the community, not just through MusiCan, which was involved in this week’s performance, but through her own musical outreach. And the school where she performed was so close to where I’m living!


One Comment on “Yay, Sarah!”

  1. joe says:

    that’s sounds cool,
    can you copy that VHS tape or sell it to me?

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