End of jPod

Imagine my surprise when I checked my dashboard and saw this comment… from Raugi Yu, who played Kam Fong in the now-canceled jPod. I was just as surprised when that was announced last week. Should we blame the mid-season switch with MVP, which not coincidentally, was also canceled? My link to the Inside the CBC post poses the question of whether the CBC promotes its shows adequately. In the case of jPod and MVP, it was better than, say, Torchwood, the occupier of the Friday 21:00 slot before MVP/jPod, and Doctor Who, especially series two and three, and they’re CBC co-productions!. Goodness knows how much I’ve ranted against the lack of promotion for those two shows on the Doctor Who forum.

But back to jPod. After a few episodes, I was a bit lukewarm (mainly on the differences from Coupland’s text). But since the cancellation announcement, and reading the reactions, I’m actually saddened that it won’t last beyond the 13? episodes that have been made. I would be interested to see what would happen in a second season, or beyond, after the novel adaptation ends.

The CBC might have underestimated the reaction to the cancellation. Facebook groups, online petitions, and even jPod actors imploring supporters to show the CBC their dissatisfaction. So read the comment, and make your voice known. Otherwise, Kam Fong will send you to China for a “hugging symposium”.


2 Comments on “End of jPod”

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