Not mathematically out

Discovered via Globe Hockey via Canucks Hockey Blog:

Canucks Playoff Picture. All 30 teams are there, as well as other sports. Sportscentre showcased (who else?) the Leafs’ probability to make the playoffs, and thankfully the numbers don’t lie on that front.


Talk about a roller-coaster season… I had rolled my mouse over the low-point, that November 1 match against Nashville, which I attended and, against my better judgment, stayed to the hideous end. But don’t despair just yet. If you follow to the bottom of that page, and this is where TSN got its numbers for that Sportscentre graphic on Thursday night. Even if the Canucks can manage a 6-4-1 record (under .600) in their final 11 games, the chances of making the playoffs are 90%. Go 8-2-1 (.773) and better, and a playoff berth is all but guaranteed. I’m impressed with the methodology for the “What If?” section, as it simulates all remaining games many times over to determine the probabilities.

Needless to say, the Canucks better find scoring, and soon. Luongo can only take the team so far, and they seem content to let him steal games for them. But a combination of offense and defense will take you far in the playoffs.


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