End of jPod – seriously this time

Did I miss something? That’s what I get when I watch something on the PVR a week after it aired. The PVR’s description for last week’s jPod episode had a prom and the departure of Carol, but that obviously was not the episode I watched. I remember the CBC not airing jPod two weeks ago (March 21), replacing it with figure skating (?), but with NHL playoffs fast approaching, I’m guessing the prom episode never aired. Of course I watched tonight’s finale. Clearly, jPod was meant to continue beyond its initial run. There wasn’t even an attempt (I’m not sure it would have been possible) to re-shoot a coda to tie up the loose ends neatly. Needless to say, with that cliffhanger ending, I am optimistic that there can be an attempt to resurrect jPod for a second season. Any takers?


2 Comments on “End of jPod – seriously this time”

  1. James says:

    There’s http://savejpod.ca if you didn’t already know about it…

  2. Firefly says:

    Nope, you didn’t miss it – we ALL missed it! The CBC had promoted Ep. #11 all week after the figure skating pre-emption, and then aired #12 instead, adding insult to injury, we had to see the “Last time on jPod” at the beginning showing little clips of everything we missed in Ep. #11.

    The CBC had no apologies over this.

    I am still so upset the CBC never gave this show a proper chance. The Target Audience is not usually home on Fridays, so of couse it lead us to online viewing – and then they don’t count those numbers watching!

    Bah, I’ve had it with the Ceeb.

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