Hockey short snippets

Gillis is Canucks’ new GM: The one thing that crept into my mind when this was reported Tuesday night is whether Mike Gillis is still Markus Naslund’s agent, and if he still is, the inevitable conflict that will result. Can you imagine Gillis as a one-man negotiation team, crossing the table multiple times as he plays his dual roles? I’m probably in the wait-and-see camp: will he just tinker, or will Gillis go Extreme Makeover: Canucks edition?

Lull between rounds one and two: Before the quarterfinal series started, I did my usual predictions, and I went 6-2. Philadelphia and Dallas managed to win instead. I matched McKenzie‘s predictions (he also chose Washington and Anaheim), and beat Maggie’s 5-3. For the semifinals, I’m going with Montreal, Pittsburgh, Detroit and San Jose (and McKenzie copied me here too).

Road hockey: My company holds an annual tournament wherein part of the parking lot is blocked off and two teams face off over the lunch hour. Our department decided to form one team, and we recently played an exhibition match. Most of us are new, and so the others aren’t sure what to make of us. After this game, I’m sure all the other teams know we can be the league doormat, but we just recruited a ringer who has guaranteed us that we will win it all…


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