The CBC’s slippery slope

Break out the rum and Gatorade! jPod is coming back… but as repeats, starting June 19. The only way I knew that was by glimpsing into the future in my digital cable guide. I don’t think there’s anything more to add.


Inside the CBC: Tom Allen, Jurgen Gothe returning to CBC Radio

Nothing new from what’s already been reported previously, only that the hosts have been announced. I was quite surprised with the inclusion of Rich “Buck 65” Terfry and Molly Johnson as hosts. I think Buck’s done some hosting duties on Radio 3, so sitting in the host’s chair shouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Now with the debacle over the “Hockey Theme” negotiations, and the placement of Doctor Who season 4 in the Friday 21:00 “slot of death” (see: Torchwood season 1*, MVP, and jPod), the CBC has, in my opinion, furthered its descent. The problem is that there isn’t much alternative (ie. CTV/Global or local commercial radio). I can understand the argument that the CBC is trying to expand its audience, but the way it’s doing it doesn’t seem to be working. As another blogger tried to explain to his son why the CBC balked at not paying to extend its license to play “Hockey Theme”:

Son, one thing you will have to understand is that the CBC is a national joke.

At least someone had to say it.


* There is a Torchwood season 2, but the CBC wasn’t involved in its production, thus dashing hopes for a possible double-header with Doctor Who. Supposedly, it has been purchased to air in Canada, but it’s still unsure who did.


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