The power of the subconscious

BBC News: Sara Bareilles’ fairytale success

A few weeks ago, Sara Bareilles’ name suddenly popped into my head, without any context or trigger. Unsure of what I’d find, I cautiously googled her name (I even got her last name spelled correctly), and one of the first links was to NPR. Being a sucker for singer-songwriter types, especially pretty singer-songwriter types, I was hooked even before I even played the profile. I followed that up with a visit to her myspace to preview other songs, and that clinched it – I picked up her album.

Little Voice was released in 2007, and peaked in Billboard‘s 200 at #7, and somehow it slipped past my radar. But better late than never, I suppose. The 12 songs on the album have a variety of tempos, and it’s spread around, so there isn’t a lot of repetition from one song to the next. I personally find the ones that feature guitars and drums prominently better than the piano-driven songs. “Vegas” became a favourite early on, but only because I had been preparing for a weekend trip there. After going through the album a few more times, “Come Round Soon” and “Love on the Rocks” also emerged as two songs that caught my ear.

Sara is credited as writer (or co-writer) for all the songs; there is a depth in most of them that show Sara’s maturity in composition, despite this being her debut album. “Love Song” has a particular history [wiki], with Sara’s frustrations to find an acceptable single for her label showing through. Overall, I think Little Voice is a modest, yet pleasing start for Sara Bareilles; hopefully there will be more from her in the future. What a subconscious find!

Sara Bareilles official site
Sara’s YouTube page

Live performance for “Love Song”:


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