TV Tidbits

Just finished watching jPod 1-08 – “The Last Shot”, after finally catching up this week on the previous CBC repeat airings from the PVR. It looks like it jumped ahead; the previous episode aired was “The Hero’s Journey” (1-06). Seeing that since “The Last Shot” had Ethan and Cowboy heading off to China, it seemed appropriate, given that the CBC aired an Olympics preview immediately after that.

I could given the CBC another thrashing about the missed episode, but I’ll save that for when they do something stupid to the airing of Doctor Who series 4. It doesn’t matter, because jPod is being released on DVD. But notice that the cover gives it as “Season 1”, so there might be some hope on a resurrection…


Elsewhere on the boob tube, Torchwood series 2 finally premieres in Canada tonight (Friday) at 18:00 PDT on Space. Follow the link for the longish preview video, and/or avail yourselves of the trailers from BBC and BBC America, where series 2 has aired a long time ago:


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