“He’s a legend, and his name… is the Doctor”

The CBC has started to air a 15-second promo for its season 4 showing of Doctor Who (available online). At the moment, it’s likely to be “Partners in Crime” on Friday, September 19, with “Voyage of the Damned” nowhere to be seen.

Unlike the previous two seasons, I couldn’t wait any longer for the CBC to air it. I won’t say anything about the content, but the two excellent BBC trailers below should be adequate for anyone who is patiently waiting.

The CBC could try to adapt the first trailer, squeezing it to 30 seconds (end with Donna’s line that I used as my post title then have the CBC announcer for five seconds). If they want to push it, they could air the whole thing, and add clips to bring it to 60 seconds.

Or if you really haven’t seen or heard anything, the second video is a good teaser, incorporating clips from the first seven episodes:

(Second trailer also updated in my other pre-S4 post.)

You bet I’m going to watch it again, and I urge everyone else to do so, if only to show the CBC that Doctor Who is still going strong.


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