365 to 26.2

Today marks my first proper run in two months, after travelling and getting back to reality. Today is also the day I begin my year-long quest to finish a marathon. On October 11, 2009, I am planning to lace up my shoes for the Royal Victoria Marathon. This is one of the things I want to achieve before I turn 30.

It sounds silly to train for a year when I could probably take in two marathons in that time frame. But I’m realistic, and I’ve heard the stories of people unable to participate in marathons despite, or because of, all the training they undertook. Injuries, lack of training time, de-motivation, or any combination of the three, are some of the factors I have to face over the next 52 weeks.

Right now, my plan is to spend the remainder of 2008 getting back into a schedule, into which I want to squeeze some cross-training; that was sadly neglected in my previous training sessions. For the new year, I will train again for the BMO Half, after which I will focus on building up mileage for Victoria.

I’m excited, yet nervous, that I’m planning this. I remember being persuaded to train for my first half marathon, and I was unsure if I could even do it. But I survived, and I’m still running. Hopefully I can say the same when I complete my first marathon!


One Comment on “365 to 26.2”

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