Running with the Doctor

I’m faithfully re-watching series 4 of Doctor Who on the CBC, last night’s episode being “The Doctor’s Daughter”. But I sort of wanted to tie together Doctor Who and running, which was mentioned plenty of times in the episode, particularly at the end by the titular Jenny. And it’s not as mutually exclusive as it sounds.

You can watch a random episode of Doctor Who (especially during the Davies revival) and you’re likely to watch at some point the Doctor and/or his companion running away from something. And it was there right from the start: there was a pre-series 1 trailer of the 9th Doctor in a corridor running away (in slow motion, mind) from some explosion, inter-cut with scenes of him in the TARDIS, ending with his “trip of a lifetime” hook.

I usually don’t run with the mindset that a Dalek is chasing me, but I do run for the same reason I watch Doctor Who: to escape, albeit momentarily, reality and all the stresses that come with it. When I run, my brain tends to shut off, and my legs and arms do the work. It does relieve the stress I have been feeling beforehand, and come out of it energized. Similarly, I check my brain at the door when I watch Doctor Who (that can apply to most TV I watch, sadly). No, wait. There are times when TV can be engaging, it just depends on my mood.

I guess the point of this is that you would have to be in some physical shape if you happen to be swept up as the Doctor’s companion. Just don’t forget your running shoes…

PS. The BBC had a teaser trailer for the second half of series 4 – see it here. And there’s plenty of running in there too!


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