Election results as spectator sport

I’m not really politically active, but there’s something strangely addictive about watching election results as they come in. I couldn’t watch the results of the most recent Canadian general election because I was actually working at the ballot box all day. This time, I’m parking my ass on the couch Tuesday night for the US election, which is infinitely more interesting than the Canadian one. And it’s not just Obama vs McCain: there are elections for the whole House of Representatives, as well as a third of the Senate. The remote control’s batteries will probably be replaced by the end of the night, what with any number of channels to choose from.

I will likely be focusing on the main news channels that I have available: CBC Newsworld, CNN, BBC World, and MSNBC. I might drop in on the main networks from time to time. Also at 19:00 (CTV) is the live Indecision ’08 with Stewart and Colbert. And 19:00 is the start of the Canucks game (at home against Nashville), so another channel to add to the surflist. But the election could very well be over by then, so who knows? This is going to be one heck of a night.


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