Two quick things

1. CANUCKS 4 – 2 LEAFS. When the schedule was released and saw the 16:00 start (Pacific time), I thought that was obvious pandering to the Centre of the Universe (TM) to have that game be the first half of the HNIC doubleheader. As I watched, though, I was glad it was televised at that time; a lot more viewers can see the Leafs lose in (Eastern) prime time, yet again.

2. I’m posting this from my parents’ house, as wireless ‘net access died overnight. The Airport Extreme looks like it’s still plugged in, but it doesn’t transmit the signal. I don’t know – it’s one of those strange things that can happen with machinery. I’m taking it to the Genius Bar tomorrow and have them look at it. Hopefully it’s not too messed up, because I don’t think I can afford a replacement right now. I recall reading a few weeks ago that, in these difficult times of almost-recession, people can give up daily lattes, cable TV, or holiday travel to save money, Internet access is one of the last things people will give up. Could that have been possible five years ago? At the turn of the millennium?


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