Sinking in an information black hole

For two weeks, I have not been adjusting to the fact I can’t access news and e-mail on the interwebs during the day. The company I’m temping at has the usual firewalls and monitoring software, and I won’t comment further on that. It’s just that having been out of work so long, and accessing the ‘net at almost every waking opportunity during that time, it’s almost like going into withdrawal. Any internet I can get during the day would usually be at lunch, lurking kitty corner from the cafe with the free wireless. It was particularly frustrating this past week, what with the Commons cage match raging out of control and the next bout uncertain, and I had to wait for Mansbridge on TV. (Prorogation will be a dirty word in my dictionary for months to come.)

It was similar the week before I started temping, when my Airport Extreme conked out overnight. I did get a replacement, but over-frustrated myself when all I needed to finish the setup was to unplug the cable modem from the wall, then plug it back in.

At least I don’t have it so bad as my brother, who’s been in Japan since late September and was drifting between internet cafes to post updates and generally get ‘net, before he finally got access at his home.

I should get used to it, just as I’m thinking of this temp job as the warmup for getting back to a sense of routine when I do get hired on a permanent basis. It’s a bit tougher than it looks.


2 Comments on “Sinking in an information black hole”

  1. TStrump says:

    Hello! It’s me Tom from the blogger meetup about a month ago.
    Hopefully, the job search is going better since the last time I talked to you.
    Time to find a temp job with better internet access!
    Or, maybe get an iPhone?

    • Eric says:

      Hi Tom,
      Yes, I have been on a couple of interviews so far, but nothing panning out yet. I’ll need to turn it on in the new year if I want to find something sooner rather than later.

      I do have an iPhone, and that’s what I’ve been using during my lunch break. It’s not too bad now, but I still would like to get some quick access as I need it. I think I’ll survive.

      Hope to catch you again in the next blogger meetup.

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