New bus routes – oh the giddiness!

Buzzer Blog: More about the December 29 bus service improvements
PDF of current Buzzer

I have recently complimented Jhenifer Pabillano in person about the great work she has done with the print Buzzer and its online persona. Under Jhenifer’s watch, the Buzzer, the public’s source for onboard transit-related information and reading material for more than 90 years, has recently resurrected the quarterly update of service changes, which for me was always a thrill to find and read.

I have been a longtime transit commuter, supporter and fan, particularly in the routes, maps, and timetables aspect of it, and that’s why it was (and still is) exciting to learn about the service changes and, when most timetables were still published quarterly, to pick them up.

schedules-so-analog(detail of bus shelter ad that details various ways to look up schedule information)

Sorry, but I’ve still got a foot in that analog world: I still pick up the paper timetables, and refer to them when I’m at home, but most of time I do use the myriad of ways to access transit info: the main site (expect an update in the new year), the mobile-phone site, and next-bus info by phone (604.953.3333) and txt (stop number to 33333). Also in the new year, it is expected that real-time next-bus info will be rolled out.

In the past, when I had far more time on my hands, I would spend part of a day just riding transit. I would use the timetables and write out an itinerary on an index card. I would plan it such that I can maximize the number of routes I can take, while leaving enough breathing space for a proper transfer: I wouldn’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere just because I had cut it close at this out-of-the-way intersection! I had done this so extensively that I must have ridden at least once more than half of the routes in the system.

Even though I rarely have time to do such travels now, the ones I can squeeze in are an event. And that’s where the new routes come in: in between composing the draft for this post, I’ve come up with a trip that take in the new routes 364 and 388.

But all these changes and additions to transit service can be for nought, as the latest we-have-no-money update (and here) could leave TransLink in the red, and service cutbacks are one way to avoid or mitigate this. Hopefully it doesn’t come to that, as we would just end up in a lose-lose situation. TransLink surely hasn’t built up all that service for nothing.


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