Deep freeze run

Monday evening, I went on a brief out-and-back run. Outside. In temperatures below 0°C. It certainly took a bit longer to warm up, and parts of the sidewalk are hazardous, but I thought the run was brisk and a definite change from the rain-soaked runs I’ve been used to in autumns and winters past. Right now, if I were to choose to run a race either in a sunny -5°C or a rainy +5°C, I’d take the first choice. I’ve already had my share of rainy races, and all I can say is that they haven’t been pleasant experiences. What say you? Which would you choose?

Meanwhile, my right knee is probably telling me to replace my shoes. I’ve had them about a year, and I’m waiting for the replacement model to arrive so I can buy another pair (or two) of the one I have now, when they’re (hopefully) discounted. Do I hear Boxing Day?


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