Number 16 forever

trev800wallpaper from

The ceremony has finished, his #16 is now in the rafters. All the accolades and praise for Trevor Linden handed out that night were well deserved. During his speech, Trevor, ever the humble individual, asked the fans to think of all the people who helped bring that #16 to join Stan Smyl’s #12. That is the Trevor we know and love.

My endearing memory of Trevor’s career is his leadership and determination in that magical spring of 1994. In the final two games of the Stanley Cup final against the Rangers, Trevor single-handedly carried the team, and the hopes of a city, on his back to within two goals of the Cup. It was Trevor’s performance in those two months that cemented my status as Canuck fan-for-life.

The great thing about Trevor, of course, is his work off the ice, whether as president of the players’ union, but especially the many charities with which he is involved, including his own foundation. And for that alone, Trevor deserves all the kudos that have been coming from many people today.

Including this one: thanks Trev, for all the memories.


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