Matt Who?

(A follow-up to Actually, David, it’s been more than three years. But we won’t hold that against you.)

BBC News: Who on earth is Matt Smith?

msmith-tardis(photo credit: BBC press release)

That was quick, and unexpected. With only 24 hours’ notice, the identity of the 11th Doctor has been revealed, and by all accounts, it came from left field. In other words, Matt Smith‘s name wasn’t listed by British bookmakers as being in line to replace David Tennant. Now if the average Briton is unfamiliar with his work to date on stage and television (small but impressive), imagine me in Canada, wondering who this Matt Smith is and how, at 26, he managed to snag the most-coveted acting role in the UK. I followed the play-by-play of the special Doctor Who Confidential on Twitter; even before it started airing, “Doctor Who” was a trending (ie. hotly-searched) topic on its search engine, which meant the Twitterverse was aflutter with anticipation.

Not having seen any of Matt Smith’s work, I could only base this casting decision on the interview he gave as part of the Confidential episode (portions of which can be seen on the news link). I don’t doubt the production team’s call on this, so it’s a wait-and-see attitude (or maybe I can find some of the programs he has been on). Based on comments I have read online in the 24 hours since the reveal, there are some who thought Smith was cast for his similar physical appearance to David Tennant; my sister thinks there is a combination of Tennant and Christopher Eccleston. Smith’s age was another point; there were comments noting that Smith is the first Doctor actor to be younger than the commenters (and I count myself in that crowd).

Tennant, officially a lame-duck Doctor, still has four more episodes (the next is “Planet of the Dead,” to air around Easter) before his tenure ends and the Doctor regenerates once more. Matt Smith will take over for series 5, production for which begins this summer, with a UK airing in 2010. At least the speculation has ended; it’s just a matter of wondering what the 11th Doctor will bring to the TARDIS.


2 Comments on “Matt Who?”

  1. MoJo says:

    26? Can you believe that? He’s still older than I am, but it’s just so weird to be in the same age bracket as the Doctor! He’ll probably be good, but oh, how scary if he brings in more of the scary teeny girly fans? Tennant’s legion of fans was quite enough!

  2. YGC says:

    I’ll certainly miss the brown suit and white trainers. Indeed, only time will tell what this 11th Doctor will bring.

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