Quick music notes

goddess_cover1. I absolutely adore Emm Gryner‘s music. She has a new album, the fittingly-titled Goddess, due out earlier this year, and you can still pre-order it. Emm will send it early and even sign the album for you! I was inspired to put this in because a number of her songs played on my iTunes yesterday, and I discovered someone from Scotland (!) on Twitter who was having his own Emm marathon.

2. BBC Sound of 2009: You’ll likely be listening to at least one artist in this list this year. The 130 pundits who put forward the acts who will make it big in the new year know what they’re talking about. Just look at previous years’ picks: Adele and Duffy in 2008, Corinne Bailey Rae in 2006, Franz Ferdinand and Joss Stone in 2004. I’m personally intrigued to hear from Florence and the Machine and La Roux.

3. CBC Radio 2’s Obama’s Playlist: Or 49 Songs from North of the 49th Parallel. It’s a concept the CBC’s done before, but at least there has been some enthusiasm for it. Maybe Obama can be presented with an iPod Shuffle comprising of the 49 songs when he makes his first international visit as President. Would the CBC even attempt this had McCain won instead?


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