Red Dwarf coda: too little, too late?

Guardian: Smoke me a kipper (Red Dwarf’s back for breakfast)

There were rumours about this one too, but a Bobby Llew better known as Kryten (not Captain Canuck) got the twitterverse talkin’ before the British media pounced on it on Tuesday.

For a better part of this decade, I’ve sort of drowned out the possibility of a Red Dwarf movie just because it never seemed to get off the ground. In my mind, if it had to continue from Series VIII, it had to be a coda that could at least tie up all the loose ends. But bringing the boys from the Dwarf back to Earth?! That was a distant goal that pre-occupied the early series, and distant it remained, until now.

I was wary when I read the news reports initially, but I’m optimistic that something can be salvaged after a ten-year hiatus, and that Red Dwarf gets some much-needed closure. With an Easter airing (possibly the same night as Doctor Who: “Planet of the Dead”), it makes me wish I were in the UK for that weekend!


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