A perfect storm of bill payments

Never mind the holiday bills: I have enough grief with all the expenses related to my condo. And it seems that everything converged around this weekend. It’s a good thing I found some work, otherwise I’d be scrambling to pay these off, since most of them are on auto-withdrawal. This is the timing of the payments, just relating to housing:

  • January 30: mortgage
  • February 2: condo insurance and strata (new rate increase plus the retroactive difference means I’m paying double the previous month’s payment)
  • February 3: property tax and hydro due on this day

It’s been a challenge in the last few months just to stay afloat and make sure I’m on top of which payment is due when and to have enough cash in the appropriate account. Even now, almost three weeks employed, I still have to keep track. It was a weird timing thing in which I started work on the 14th, but payroll is 15th and end-of-month.

Even though there is a steady income stream now, I plan to keep on top of my expenses. I will need the emergency funds replenished again, and it’s time to curb the discretionary spending. Wish me luck…


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