Being Erica? Probably not for long.

The CBC has done it again: a mid-season schedule tossup that moves Being Erica from Monday to Wednesday, Fifth Estate from Wednesday to Friday (in what I’ve called the CBC’s “graveyard” where shows go to die) and Just for Laughs from Friday to Monday. Last year, jPod and MVP switched places, and both were cancelled after their seasons were finished.

What does this mean for any of the shows affected? I have a feeling Fifth Estate is too well-established to languish on Fridays, and since Just for Laughs is, well, Just for Laughs, then the odd one out will likely be Erica.

Despite myself, I like Being Erica. I don’t want to overthink any of the possible butterfly effects that could have resulted from Erica’s going back to certain points in her life, and evidently the show doesn’t either. Case in point: episode #4, where Erica goes back to 1st-year university and does a weirdly-effective spoken-word version of Britney Spears, four years before anyone’s ever heard of Britney Spears. But the idea of going back and re-living a point in the past, no matter how pivotal it is in the overall scheme of things, is quite interesting. It also helps that Erin Karpluk is quite a cutie!

So what does the timeshift mean for Erica Strange? If we look to precedent, then the inevitable will happen. And, knowing the CBC, they’ll keep Sophie (possibly the network’s lowest-rated prime-time series) for another season just to rub it in.

(PS. I don’t think there could ever be a series called Being Eric. Not that I don’t have those moments I could back to; there just aren’t that many in terms of decisions made and regretted.)


7 Comments on “Being Erica? Probably not for long.”

  1. jPod’s cancellation (as well as The Tournament) is the exact reason I didn’t watch Being Erica. It could’ve been the best thing since sliced bread, but smart and funny with endearing characters and brilliantly written doesn’t seem to be good enough for the CBC. I wasn’t about to get involved in one more of their shows only to have it canceled.

    Meanwhile, Sophie continues to die it’s horrible death just like I predicted it would once the WGA Strike was over. I’m still betting they’ll keep it though. I think it’s time they hire a new Director of Programming.

  2. Eric says:

    @AG – I’ve lost faith in the CBC since the start of the Radio Two changes, then its shoddy handling of Doctor Who after Series 2, and on and on (you’ve covered far more in your post). And this was only in the span of two years!

  3. @ Eric It really is quite astonishing, especially when you start to see just how many things have been, for the lack of a better word, “mishandled”. Nobody expects the CBC to be batting .100, not even the big 3 stateside do that, but a pretty good average would be nice.

    And you’re right, reading up on them this past year has really opened my eyes to the fact that more and more they are making bad decisions, hard really for the Canadian Government to justify handing over 1.2 Billion a year for what we Canadians actually end up getting.

    I’ve also discovered that the CBC is censoring, reporting and cherry-picking what they want. I’ve often read press releases on CP, and then what the CBC has reported, quite often vital ommissions are present. This was especially rampant during the “Hockey Theme” controversy. I’ve also resigned myself to the fact that whoever moderates the Public Comments on is deleting ones they don’t like, (when it pertains to them) which seems even weirder to me now when it has been reported that they were totally negligent and letting racist rants to be posted after Aboriganal themed articles.

    I believe one of the CBC’s biggest failures is not hiring more professionals from television and radio, instead opting for Lawyers to make decisions about what we get to watch and listen to. I must find the post from the insidethecbc blog to refresh that number count for me.

    And don’t get me started on Dr. Who, don’t they realize when you deal with something that has a pre-existing fandom that you better get it right?

  4. Took me a little digging because it was an older post by Tod Maffin, but it’s the post regarding the Lawyer Heavy CBC Board of Directors.

  5. meimi132 says:

    I really hope it doesn’t get canceled… s1 is only just showing on UK tv and I love it…. stupid cancellations….

    • meimi132 says:

      *sob* Reading other posts bout it… it has been canceled hasn’t it?…. Stupid CBC….stupid stupid station…. I just hope E4 shows s2 after s1 is done….

      • Eric says:

        I’ve just checked; there hasn’t been confirmation yet by the CBC of a season 3, but I’m hoping they do, just as I’m hoping E4 shows season 2 at your end :)

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