Meetups of interest and more!

Here’s a list of meetups that I am likely to be attending in the near future:

  • Wed, Feb 25: February 2009 Vancouver Blogger Meetup – happening again at The End Cafe (north of Broadway/Commercial station). A lot has happened in the past month, namely Wordcamp Whistler, Twestival, and Northern Voice, so expect attendees from those to show up (not least the meetup organizer, Raul). But you can expect interesting conversations in other topics as well.
  • Thu, Feb 26: I <3 Transit week and Buzzer meetup – Jhenifer of the Buzzer Blog (and print version) is calling transit fans/supporters/boosters to come out to The End Cafe (same place as above) and geek out about public transport in Vancouver. And yes, while even I might complain about so-so service, I choose to take transit, and I will definitely show the love this week!
  • Sun, Mar 1: Doctor Who March meetup @ La Fontana Caffe (Hastings & Boundary, Burnaby) – To geekery of another persuasion. The first meetup I attended was on Doctor Who‘s 45th anniversary, and as befitting the occasion, attendees have dressed up in costume and watched the first ever serial on DVD.
  • Sat, Mar 14: Not a meetup, but it is related to Doctor Who, and definitely big news: “The Next Doctor” will air on the Space channel at 18:00 PDT (adjust for your time zone). And with a 90-minute time slot (including commercials), it’s a good bet the whole thing will air (unlike “Journey’s End” on the CBC). This might bode well for the remaining gap-year specials…

2 Comments on “Meetups of interest and more!”

  1. Raul says:

    Looking forward to seeing you!

  2. YGC says:

    Get me a couple buttons when you’re at the buzzer meetup.^_^

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