Quick bites

1. Record Store Day [Alan Cross article] – It’s sad that many people are abandoning purchases of physical albums in favour of MP3s. Record Store Day is the response. You’ll likely get shades of High Fidelity, but the independent record store is still the best place to discover something new, even if you weren’t looking for it.

2. Happy birthday, David Tennant! “Planet of the Dead” has now aired in the UK (and coming soon to Space in Canada). I only bring this up because I have just finished reading the 1st Doctor novel The Time Travellers, and in page 267, there is a date mentioned: 18 April 1971. Guess what? That’s Tennant’s birthday! It’s probably not coincidence – this novel was published in late 2005, around which time Tennant’s 10th Doctor was about to encounter “The Christmas Invasion”.

3. BMO Vancouver Half Marathon is in two weeks. I completed the last long run of my training this morning, and I think I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. So far in my training, I’ve run almost 300 km, which is already more than the total amount I trained for last year. And this year, I’ve eschewed my 10-and-1 long run approach and went for straight running (with appropriate walk pauses for hydration). Let’s see how this will work under race conditions.


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