Why I don’t run to catch the bus

[Buzzer Blog] Friday fun poll: do you run to catch a transit vehicle?

(Here’s another post that manages to combine running with my other interests. Previous ones included running and music, and running and Doctor Who.)

I was quite surprised that Jhenifer at the Buzzer Blog chose to put up my question for this week’s fun poll, after she put out an open call for suggestions. (Oh yeah, and if you saw my title, you know how I voted.)

I was inspired to come up with this poll question by the simple fact that I am a runner, but when it comes to chasing a bus, I can’t be bothered to do it, at least not anymore. Back in high school, I could easily sprint across busy intersections or bound up escalators to catch a bus or SkyTrain that had just arrived.

At some point, probably around the time I was doing my undergrad at UBC, I didn’t bother so much. Maybe it was the fact that, for the most part, I had an idea of when my bus was due to depart (especially after night classes). Nowadays, with next-bus information readily available by phone, txt, or web, there’s really no need to be caught off-guard with a just-arrived bus.

Besides, given my training for long-distance running, sprinting just isn’t my specialty. The first few times I attempted speedwork at a track, I felt like I tested my physical limits at running at top speed. I’m sure I could have just collapsed at the end. Don’t get me wrong, speed training does help in a half marathon, as long you’re mentally prepared to tackle it.

That’s my explanation for the poll question and my reasons why I voted “No”. I had no delusion of changing anyone’s mind in voting, but if I did, then bonus to me! I’ll catch you on the bus, if I can make it.


One Comment on “Why I don’t run to catch the bus”

  1. Judie says:

    Hi, Eric.

    My husband is a bus driver and I can’t remember how many times he has told me of some person running to catch his bus, running directly IN FRONT of his bus and nearly getting killed, and scaring the pants off him! A few years ago I had to take the bus regularly for a few months and I vowed I would never run for the bus like the IDIOTS (IMO) who do and nearly get themselves killed. It is just something I can’t be bothered to do. Get out there earlier, people – you shouldn’t have to be running! :D

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