I’m running the Underwear Affair!

On the sidebar, I added a graphic and link to my fundraising page for the Underwear Affair. After three years of running, I figured I’ve found my stride. It came through on my personal best in the BMO Half, and this week I’ve started a marathon training clinic with two straight days of tempo runs.

But there’s more to running than, well, running. Later this month (June 28), I’m volunteering at the Scotia Half, and two weeks after that (July 11), I’m putting on my boxers to participate in what should be a fun 10K around the False Creek seawall in the Underwear Affair.

This run is also another opportunity for me to show my support for the fight against prostate cancer, which is one of the “below-the-belt” cancers this run wants to spotlight. My grandfather died of prostate cancer two years ago, and participating in the Underwear Affair, as well as Harry’s Spring Runoff, gives me some inspiration in the fact that I run these events (and donate to the related charities) so that I, or anyone else for that matter, should not have to suffer the same fate.

So if you want to help out a great cause and show support for the fight against cancers below the waist, please click here or the big Underwear Affair logo on the sidebar. Better still, join the fun and raise funds yourself! Either way, thanks, and I hope to see you run with me, or cheering for those who are!


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