Anticipating the September transit service changes

Buzzer Blog post summarizing the changes (and this one).

The changes as detailed on the TransLink site.

I’ve written in December about how TransLink rolls out service changes every quarter, and the autumn version always takes place on Labour Day. With the Canada Line being put through its paces for three weeks, the real test begins when the 98 B-Line is discontinued and South-of-Fraser services terminate at Bridgeport Station instead of Downtown Vancouver.

Rather than point out what’s already been posted by Jhenifer or TransLink, I’ll do a quick analysis of some of the changes.

  • Combining Commercial and Broadway stations into one: I have always considered it one station ever since the M-Line opened, so it’s good to have official confirmation of that. Thing is, I’ve always referred to it as “Broadway/Commercial Station”, and I’ll likely continue to do so for a while.
  • “3 Main/Marine Drive Station”: It’s good to have this route extend to meet Canada Line, but it just looks awkward on the timetable. Maybe it’s about time to apply the street name on the bus display in both directions (ie. “3 MAIN to DOWNTOWN” and “3 MAIN to MARINE STN” or “403 THREE ROAD to BRIDGEPORT STN” and “403 THREE ROAD to RIVERPORT”).
  • The 160 returning to suburban stopping procedures should be good for Tri-Cities commuters, but I’m expecting ill-advised passengers thinking they could still get out on Hastings eastbound through Burnaby, when that’s no longer the case. Although I’m still stumped as to why the 190 only gets one westbound trip.

No more 98 B-Line as of September 7!

  • The big change related to Canada Line, of course, is the discontinuation of the 98 and 49x and truncating the South-of-Fraser services at Bridgeport Station. I suppose three weeks of transition are better than none, but it looks like it worked. This past Friday, I boarded a 491 from Burrard Station. Before Canada Line, these buses would be full leaving the bus stop. On the 491’s last day of service, there were no standing passengers.

Of course, the circumstances change starting the day after Labour Day, so it helps to have patience as commuters get used to the changes and traffic patterns. The Buzzer Blog even has a post of tips to get you through September with some sense of sanity.

Photo credit: flickr @ Boris Mann


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