A few transit-related observations

This is from just three hours running errands after work:

1. I noticed a lot of suitcases at Canada Line’s City Centre Station. That gives me some reassurance that people are willing to take Canada Line to the airport. I hope to try it myself later in the year. Hopefully the additional surcharge to the airport doesn’t scare a lot of people away. Even at $6.25, that’s quite a bargain for direct service from a major city centre to its airport.

2. Canada Line in-train announcements: based on my London Tube experience, I’d like to hear something like this when the train doors open (and it can be applied to outbound Expo/Millennium Lines as well) : “King Edward. This train is for YVR-Airport (or Richmond-Brighouse).” I find it annoying that the destination of the train is made after it’s left the station.

3. A great majority of the 99 B-Lines heading eastbound are signed “BWAY STN”. At the moment, that’s a welcome sight over the epic-fail that is “COMM’L / BDWAY STN”.

4. My final bus to take me home was late. It was so late, it was tag-teaming with the bus that’s actually on time. Needless to say, I wasn’t too pleased with that.


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