Effort = reward

Last week, my marathon training clinic held a wrap party/dinner at a restaurant in Yaletown. It looks like everyone was there, and most conversations revolved, naturally, around race experiences and future goals and/or races. The clinic leaders handed out raffle prizes and gifts to pace-group leaders. The surprising bit was when they next recognized the first-time finishers with plaques. And there were many first-time finishers. I thought that was a nice touch, and kudos to June and Cory for making that extra effort to provide a great memento of a great achievement.

Race bib, medal, and plaques from my training clinic.

But the next presentation was even more of a surprise: I was awarded “Most Outstanding Runner” in the group. I certainly wasn’t the fastest in the group, but I’m sure the award was for dedication. I feel that the commitment (in time and effort) required just to train for a marathon should not be taken lightly, and I realized that from the beginning. The clinic’s structure was something I needed to train properly and minimize injury, and the group setting provided great encouragement, support, and camaraderie, something I have not experienced since my first ever training clinic, which is coming up to four years removed.

I would have been content with the medal and the printable certificate that the Royal Victoria Marathon provides with its race results, but the plaques are a great reminder that what I’ve completed is a remarkable achievement.


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