Frustration setting in

It has now been four weeks since I’ve completed my first marathon, but the recovery is not going as well as I’ve liked.

My left knee has been giving me all sorts of trouble, especially in the running-completion department. Almost every run I’ve attempted since Victoria has not ended as well as I’d hoped. The runs start OK, but partway through, or near the end, the pain kicks in, and I’m in stop-and-go mode the rest of the way.

Maybe I’m stubborn because I want to run no matter what, but after today, I have to concede that I might do more harm than good continuing in this way. Some cross-training won’t be that bad, I guess. At least I can avoid some of the ugly fall weather that can be a deterrent to running anyway. I believe this will pass, and once it’s healed, I can hit the road again, and hopefully in time for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Half.


One Comment on “Frustration setting in”

  1. […] It’s been said that as a runner, it’s a matter of when, not if, you get injured. I can count one instance where a nagging injury really curtailed my running: after finishing my first marathon in 2009, I suffered from weeks of knee pain. I recall not taking it well; I ended runs partway, and felt miserable and angry on the walk back to where I started. (I posted about it here.) […]

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