Northern Voice 2010

This weekend (Friday and Saturday), the annual Northern Voice conference will take place at UBC. This will be my first year attending this, and as someone who blogs more as a hobby than anything else, I’m looking for some ideas to improve on what I’m doing now.

I certainly don’t profess to keeping a regular schedule in posting, nor do I want to commit to blog about any one subject. I’m not sure if those are liabilities in my blogging approach, but I hope, when Northern Voice is concluded, to gain something that would allow me to keep blogging. If nothing else, just being there should provide some stories that I can share.

The event will certainly be covered in participants’ and speakers’ blogs and tweets. “nv10” or “northernvoice” are the tags to watch throughout the weekend. I might not post from onsite, but I should be tweeting, and I’ll certainly provide a wrap-up post when it’s all over.


One Comment on “Northern Voice 2010”

  1. Sally says:

    You write well. Have fun at Northern Voice.

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