Northern Voice 2010 wrap: my impressions

Northern Voice has finished for another year, and it was a blast! I simply came in without any expectations, and came out with a greater appreciation of all the folks who blog and/or work in social media. I mean, these people live and breathe the stuff, but they just love what they do.

Firstly, the conference was held at the Life Sciences Building at UBC. I remember writing an exam there a few years ago, but I have a greater appreciation of it now that I know it was co-designed by the firm I used to work for. It’s a LEED-certified building, which means the LSC incorporated sustainable features in its design, construction, and operation. The centrepiece, I think, is the two grand atriums that provide plenty of natural light.

Day 1 (Friday) for me was a refresher of blogging basics, and new stuff such as search-engine optimization. It ended with a funny presentation on finding love in the era of the TwitBook.

Day 2 (Saturday) wasn’t as structured, but picked the presentations that most interested me. It was book-ended with a couple of sessions involving doing good online and building on social justice in social media.

I probably should have attended the Overcoming Social Anxiety presentation on Friday; apart from chatting with people with whom I’ve communicated regularly and met in real life, I didn’t have much opportunity to interact with other conference attendees. Maybe it’s intimidation, but hopefully I can bring myself to introduce myself one of these days.

As I tweeted soon after the conference ended, I certainly plan to return in the future. I want to congratulate and thank the organizers, volunteers, and speakers for making Northern Voice a great experience!

P.S. Here is a link for other reviews and coverage of the conference.

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