Canucks are done, and so is the beard.


Truthfully, this wasn’t a “true” playoff beard. I shaved two games into the Vancouver-LA series to prepare for a job interview. After that, and in anticipation of future interviews, I pared down a bit, but the essence of the beard is still there.

Please don’t flog me; this is actually the first time I’ve laid down the razor for such an extended period. I’m aware that, for the most part, the scruffiness grows unchecked until your team is eliminated or wins the Cup. I certainly would have done the same had I been working, but with my situation, I knew I was faced with a choice if I got called for another interview.

I came to another realization last weekend. I’m leaving for the States later this week, and I was worried what would happen when I showed up at the customs desk at YVR with the beard, and my passport shows me clean-shaven. At least I don’t have to explain the playoff-beard tradition, or worse.

The implosion of the Canucks in game 6 has been analyzed to death by now, but this series against Chicago was almost like the season in miniature: the wins were brilliant, complete games, but the losses, especially those at home, were inexplicable and horrendous to watch. And so we begin again with what happens now. Whom should the Canucks (re-)sign? Whom should they let go? How should they approach the draft? Free agency? Too many questions, but plenty of time to mull them over.

So, this is the result after three weeks of generally unchecked growth. It was fun, to be sure:



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