Race report: 2010 Bay to Breakers

Seeing as how they were held a week apart this year, I assumed that the Bay to Breakers race in San Francisco was similar to the Vancouver Sun Run. Was I ever wrong! Bay to Breakers is certainly not for the prude, the agoraphobic, or anyone who has ever despised hill training.

I decided to register for this race after I realized that I would be in San Francisco that weekend. I had a very basic idea of the race in general, but I decided I was going to run this one semi-seriously: not worry too much about time, and soak in the atmosphere. Bringing a camera certainly tipped the scale in that direction!

Starting corral

There is certainly a party atmosphere even before heading to the starting corrals; don’t tell me there’s another race where tortillas and beach balls are being tossed around the crowd. The party continues after the start line, and indeed, throughout the race. What makes Bay to Breakers so fun is that everyone gets involved: costumed (or not) participants, whether registered or not (I did notice a few shoes without the orange timing strip); houses and apartments all along the route cheering or providing music (from iPods hooked up to simple speakers to elaborate DJ setups); even a few doomsday-is-nigh preachers.

Costumes: too many to take in, but all greatly done. And I’m sure I might have seen one of the Canucks’ Green Men on the course. Here are a couple I took during the run:

Pandora comes to Bay to Breakers

Some motivation for the post-race brunch!

The approach to the finish has an amazing view toward the Pacific:

Near the finish line

It was just after 10am, but I celebrated part of the finish at the beer garden! There were food tents past the beer garden, but I was surprised that I had to pay for food. Luckily, there was a box of sample-size energy bars, so I helped myself to a couple of handfuls. (By the way, I did have to pay for the beer and bagel.)

Breakfast of champions!

I would definitely come back to Bay to Breakers; next year will be the 100th running, so it should be even more awesome than this year. Anyone else want to join in?

PS. More photos from me on my flickr, and tons more by others tagged “Bay to Breakers” (heads up – some of them may be NSFW).


3 Comments on “Race report: 2010 Bay to Breakers”

  1. Tori says:

    Looks more like a parade than a road race! Looks way fun!

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