The intrigues of cross-training

Earlier today, I decided to redeem a free session of yoga, the voucher for which was attached to my whiteboard for a couple of months. It was also the first time I’ve done yoga in a long time. While I chose the gentlest possible session available, considering my lack of experience and the fact I was only 48 hours removed from a PR-breaking half marathon, it was still a challenge. Don’t get me wrong though: I do love a challenge!

For most of the 4+ years I’ve been running, my attempts at cross-training were hit-and-miss at best; sessions at the gym were spotty and usually focused on short bursts on the stationary bike and elliptical. For the most part, such attempts were the result of poor scheduling: I was having trouble squeezing in enough runs that it was impossible to do any other training.

For my next training cycle (14 weeks in preparation for the BMO Okanagan Half), I will attempt to add some yoga and swimming into the mix. In some ways, that free voucher was a catalyst; in the last month, I’ve purchased a yoga mat and swim trunks. I may be in runemployment mode, which means I have some extra time, these activities (especially the yoga) cost money, so there’s a balance to be had. If anyone has suggestions on a suitable running/training balance, and/or a place in Vancouver that offers yoga for runners, I’ll greatly appreciate it!

And while I may not yet have registered for the BMO Okanagan Half, I’m already committed for the BMO Vancouver Marathon next May!


2 Comments on “The intrigues of cross-training”

  1. PT Girl says:

    I like seeing my Personal Trainer for some of my cross training. We do sprint intervals, core work and tones of plyometrics. Even once a week can really makes a difference in your over all strength. I can recommend a few good ones in the city.

  2. […] going to be interesting, particularly since I want to break 2:00 this October, and try to add some cross-training into the mix. Training updates to follow here; most of my runs I also post to my dailymile account. […]

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