A new way of training

This week, I started my 14-week training toward the Okanagan Half Marathon in Kelowna in October. Despite my unemployment woes, I decided to pay up for group training at a new running store. I’ll say now that there’s nothing wrong with the training groups I’ve joined at another store, but just wanted to give this one a try.

The participants were given the schedule today, and it is a bit different from the ones I’m used to. True, there’s three set runs of tempo, speed training, and the long run during the week, but within each of those there is some variation. The speed sessions alternate among hills, track, and road intervals, then changes after nine weeks. And every other Sunday long run has an added challenge (for me at least) of running at race pace for a portion of the course, in addition to the usual Sunday slow-and-easy pace. Even the tempo run has a bit more structure than “run comfortably hard”.

Needless to say, it’s going to be interesting, particularly since I want to break 2:00 this October, and try to add some cross-training into the mix. Training updates to follow here; most of my runs I also post to my dailymile account. (I’d love to have one of the dailymile widgets included in the blog, but is there any way to get around the WP.com limitations on scripts?)


One Comment on “A new way of training”

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