Training update: more mileage and the yoga experiment

I’ve now completed four weeks out of 14 in preparation for the Okanagan Half Marathon. As I mentioned at the start of training, it’s slightly different from the previous training I’ve done. After four weeks, I’m already out of the gate and logging some quality workouts. The obvious change is the immediate start of interval sessions (alternating among road intervals, track workouts, and hills). I think mixing them up removes the monotony and drudgery of having to do the same interval workout each week, as I had been doing in the past. After four weeks, I’ve recorded 95 km (59 mi), which is a staggering number compared to similar first-four-weeks from previous training. After this point, the mileage ramps up, and I’m looking forward to it!

In addition to actual running, I’ve added some yoga to the training mix. I recently finished an introductory deal offered by a downtown yoga studio: two weeks’ unlimited access for $30. Needless to say, I milked it, taking three classes each week. I went to three sessions of hatha; a spin/yoga combination; an introduction to power yoga (done in a room heated to 32°C/90°F); and hot yoga (in 40°C/104°F).

All the sessions were beneficial; I was pleasantly surprised with the spin/yoga and hot yoga classes in particular. For the former, that was actually the first time I’ve done any spinning, and I could see the cross-training benefits of that alone, but combining it with yoga in an intense one-hour session ranks it up there in terms of a comprehensive, kick-ass workout. As for hot yoga, I wasn’t too fazed with the heat; it served as a dual catalyst toward a lot of sweating and more pliable muscles that allowed me maximum flexibility for the poses (as flexible as I’m going to get, at least).

I’ll definitely go back to that studio on a drop-in basis, but I did find a four-week program elsewhere (starting next Monday) that’s supposedly aimed at runners. I’ll let you know if it turns out to be beneficial.

Keep on running!


3 Comments on “Training update: more mileage and the yoga experiment”

  1. PTGirl says:

    WOW you are logging some serious miles! Great work! I’ve been consistent at 30 km a week but about to ramp it up seriously! I’m going to incorporate yoga staring this week as well. Where is this yoga place you speak of that is geared towards runner?

  2. […] Even before I became unemployed, I decided to focus my running in 2010 to improving my time in the half marathon. Initially, I set a goal time of 2:05. By the end of June, I already made that goal. I thus set a new goal of beating 2:00, and I did that too! All the time off from not working did allow me to put in more focus on my training, which this year also saw some attempts at cross-training, particularly yoga. […]

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