Training update: the weird week

On Thursday, I did an unusual double workout. In the afternoon, I accompanied my brother for his first Grouse Grind. This was the first time I’d done the Grind since climbing/hiking it just over four years to the day. I mostly let my brother dictate the pace, while I followed behind him. I can’t speak for how he felt at the end, but I had sweaty clothes (running gear no less), a soaked towel, and quads that really went through the wringer, but no major damage. To me, the speed with which my breathing normalized at the end shows that I can recover quite well from such a workout. Mind you, this was not even a strenuous effort on my part, even though I beat my previous Grind time by more than 10 minutes. I want to try it again before the end of summer, as a test of what I can really do, while carrying the bare minimum (both times I’ve brought a backpack that was too heavy and in some ways unnecessary).

But my day wasn’t done. Just over three hours after finishing the Grind, I headed to my scheduled running-group session – which involved hill intervals. I know that may seem crazy to some, and I would certainly have excused myself from this run, considering what I’d just done, but I wanted to see if I had it in me to do both workouts and still survive. Sure, my legs were fatigued, but I did it! All that arm-pumping on the uphills certainly focused some attention away from the legs.

I call it a weird week of training not just for the Thursday double, but for the schedule-juggling I did earlier in the week. My long run was deferred to Monday; even at an earlier start time, it started warm. Later that day was my yoga session, so I had two double-workout days in a week. The next day, I was warming up for my regularly-scheduled tempo run, when I deferred that to the next morning; my daytrip to Steveston had left me dehydrated and hungry.

But the weirdness continues today (Saturday), when I plan to do this week’s long run. I’ll be glad when next week comes along: it’s a recovery week, and my schedule should normalize (or as normal as it gets for someone who’s unemployed). But at least this week has shown that I can adapt to those changes that in the past would have caused me not to run at all.

Keep on running!


One Comment on “Training update: the weird week”

  1. PT Girl says:

    I love double workouts days! I feel so productive & strong! Good for you!!

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