Training update: a great week

This is a screen-shot from my Dailymile profile page. Five runs this week – that might be the most times I’ve run in a single week. Despite the volume, I consider this a great week in terms of how well I’ve felt after each workout.

It didn’t really start well, though: I did 4 km of tempo on Monday, but my mind just wasn’t into it, so I halted it there instead of finishing the planned 6 km. I partly made up for that on Tuesday with a hilly circuit. Wednesday night was intervals; running in a new group invigorated me.

And then there was Saturday’s long run. It was scheduled to alternate between easy and goal-half-marathon paces. I did it brilliantly, and it just felt like I’m ready to race. Unfortunately, it’s still another four weeks away, and three of those will be in taper mode. At least I’ve set myself up in a very good position to break two hours in Kelowna.

Keep on running!


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