Training update: the dry taper

All right, my longest run of this training session is now done – 18.1 km. It’s time to taper. One thing I’ll be doing differently is that I will not allow a drop of alcohol to touch my tongue. This will be the first time I’m abstaining as part of my running training. I’m not sure if it will affect anything, but I’d like to think: the faster I go, the sooner I can have a post-run beer! And that beer will certainly taste a lot better after three weeks off, and hopefully, a new PR.

Indeed, tapering is the most anxious time in any runner’s calendar, and I’m sure I’m not alone in having to show restraint and ease off after such great training. As a majority of the people I know get ready to run on 10-10-10 (be it Okanagan, Victoria, Portland, Chicago, and elsewhere), I’d like to ask: Do you have any taper-time strategies or superstitions you’d like to share?


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