Being Erica and the paths of realization

To prepare myself for the start of season 3 of Being Erica, I watched the last episode of season 2, “The Importance of Being Erica.” It’s great that there is a third season, and I’m looking forward to it. The “therapy” sessions that Dr Tom sends Erica in each episode is as science-fictiony as it gets, but of course the realism of those situations grounds the series as a whole, and I’m sure there isn’t anyone who hasn’t seen an episode and thought of a particular point in their life they’d want to re-do.

But going back to “The Importance of Being Erica”. Dr Tom sends Erica back to grad school, where she is confronted by her thesis adviser when Erica couldn’t come up with a reason (never mind instantly) why she was in grad school in the first place. Erica eventually figures it out and asserts herself in the present; her actions tie up some season-long plot threads (notably her relationship with Ethan) and essentially wipe the slate clean for season 3.

The question “what do you want to do with your life?” was the catalyst in Erica’s realization in her trip back to grad school. I’ve been struggling with that question since I was laid off in April. Even before then, I was looking into going back to school to pursue something in transit planning. I won’t gloss it over: I’m inherently lazy to research schools, and frankly, the summer doldrums made looking for accounting work tedious at best.

But that’s just excuses, and I think I’m running out of them. At least things are looking up: I’ve finally received my CGA designation; that should open up more doors. I’ve signed up for a class about transportation issues; that should get me some opportunities for networking into this field, if not as a stepping-stone toward planning school.

And I’m trying to stay positive: I recently found a post that was recently featured on the front page on how to be a superstar job seeker. Tip #7 is banishing negativity. To me, that is a big step after almost half a year of unemployment. So hopefully I can channel some of Erica’s fearlessness and confidence (that she has gained through two seasons of therapy) and really apply that to my situation.


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