Two years on Twitter

Today, November 1, marks two years since I’ve signed up on Twitter. For the first couple of months, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I didn’t know the basics of @-replying or retweeting. But as I grew comfortable with the service, the more I liked it.

For the most part, my twitter experience has been very positive. I’ll cite three generalized examples:

  1. Realizing there are Canucks fans who are, shockingly, more rabid and passionate in their love of the team than I am.
  2. Having interesting conversations that I probably might not have had in real life. That being said, meeting some people in real life is just as great, thanks mainly to the power of the tweetup.
  3. The support group from other runners on twitter is amazing. We all cheer each other on, even if it’s for the routine training run. I may not run with them in person, but sometimes it feels like it does.

And so, two years and more than 4200 tweets later, the fun continues…


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