Cross-training blitz

Today, Sunday, is a much-needed rest day. I have just completed a heavy week of training. Here are the numbers:

  • 19 km of running
  • 6 straight days of workouts, consisting of:
  • 3 run workouts
  • 2 spin workouts
  • 2 yoga practices

I don’t think I’ve even done six straight days of workouts, so I’m quite pleased with everything I’ve done this week. So why the blitz? I decided to take advantage of a promotion by my gym that allows me access to spinning and yoga workouts for a reasonable price. If I maximize the deal, it could be as low as $5/class. That’s why I’m trying to squeeze in as many as I can before the end of the month, all while maintaining my usual three-runs-per-week frequency.

I feel that the cross-training that I’ve started last summer has paid dividends. I may not be cross-training as often as I’d like, but it certainly beats the monotony of the usual running.