Music at work

I’ve finished my first week at a temp job. As part of my blogging policy not to blog about work, I won’t reveal any other details but just note that in the area where I work, one person has a radio at her desk, and it’s locked to the adult-contemporary/”soft-rock” station. I’ll admit that most of the selection is actually decent; i.e., there are songs that won’t have me flinging the radio in disdain. Still, the songs I do like are but a small fraction of what I listen to.

In my previous jobs, I have brought my iPod/iPhone and listened to it intermittently, and with only one earbud on (my work machine did not have speakers). The nature of my work doesn’t allow me to be chained at my desk all the time, so that’s all I could do. I feel that it’s not necessary to have something playing in the background while I work, but I don’t mind when it does, provided the music is something I can enjoy.

Below is my first attempt at a poll. I’d love to hear your thoughts, and what, if any, arrangement you have at your workplace with regards to amplified music, particularly if you and your colleagues have very different tastes.