Transit field reports, January 29

Bus #9497, signed as 25 Brentwood Station, with bonus ad-wrap for the Canucks' 40th anniversary.

Part of an ongoing series of observations during my frequent forays on transit.

Not one, not two, but three items of note during a single bus ride earlier today (Saturday), onboard a eastbound 025 on King Edward:

  1. It was a cold and damp kind of day. I have no idea why anyone would open one of the bus’ windows. Sitting near the back, the drafts from that open window were obvious. It certainly wasn’t cool to keep all the passengers cool.
  2. King Edward at Granville Street is designated as a location for driver shift changes. Ideally, the shift should be seamless, as the incoming driver simply sits down and drives away. That is, if the new driver is actually there to relieve his colleague. Everyone on the bus today was in a state of confusion when the driver finishing his shift just walked away from the bus. After about two minutes the driver walked back (supposedly from his car), and two minutes after that, the new driver showed up. (A just-as-interesting shift-change story is found here.)
  3. Just as frustrating as not having the shift change done on time is the fact that the bus was already late getting into Granville in the first place. On an observational basis over the last few weeks, and even before that, I can surmise that the scheduling for the 25 on midday Saturdays doesn’t leave enough running time between timing points, especially between the busiest section between Granville and Nanaimo Station. I say a change is needed.

Photo credit: dennistt @ flickr.