I need more time!

Luckily there is a Postaweek challenge, otherwise the daily posting thing would have been dead right away. That being said, even though I am committing to posting something at least once every seven days (just look at the shiny new badge on the left side of my blog), there’s still a challenge in trying to squeeze enough time to think of, then compose, a post.

With the many things I have on the go, I am trying to improve on my time-management skills. Getting back to work mode (albeit on a temporary contract at the moment) has suddenly removed at least 40 hours from my week. With time at a premium, it’s simply a matter of prioritization.

On the blog side, it doesn’t mean I’m not lacking for ideas. In front of me right now is a list of potential future posts; a couple of them are already in draft mode. Running training updates can be used in a pinch. Or I can just type away for a few minutes and see where that gets me, which is what I’m doing right now.

Whether or not you’re participating in the postaday/postaweek challenge, I’d say spontaneity is a good part of the blogging arsenal. Whenever the mood strikes, just start typing! Who knows where it’ll go?

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