Transit field reports, February 12, 2011

Part of an ongoing series of observations during my frequent forays on transit.

As a follow up on the last field report I did two weeks ago, I boarded a westbound 025 early Saturday afternoon. No surprise: it was seven minutes late from when it was scheduled to depart. That sort of strengthens the theory of the poor running times for this route on Saturdays.

While on the bus, I was sitting across from a cute nerd couple: he’s sporting the stereotypical glasses and bad haircut, her hair was dyed similar to Milla Jovovich à la Fifth Element. There is hope yet for us who are inept in these kinds of things…

The bus did gain some time on its westbound journey along King Edward. Even with a shift change (it was seamless today), it was only three minutes late by the time I disembarked, but just enough that I made my connection with little time to spare.

That bus was ad-wrapped as part of the Canucks’ 40th anniversary celebrations. I’m normally averse to most bus wraps, but I just leave love seeing these on the road. I was lucky enough to board two buses in a row, both of which are ad-wrapped:

Even better are the profiles of some of the more memorable Canucks from the last 40 years that are found inside the buses. Unfortunately, I’m noticing that whenever I board these wrapped buses, I’m seeing less and less of them. I’m hoping the team releases them somehow, as well as models of the ad-wrapped buses; they’d make great collectibles!

2 Comments on “Transit field reports, February 12, 2011”

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