Sarah Slean and running: “be still my lionheart!”

Sarah Slean - Canwest Cabaret Festival

CBC Radio 2 blog: Live Right Now – Exercise: The Slean Machine

I was about to leave for work one morning when I caught the last bits of a Sarah Slean interview on CBC Radio 2. She was talking to the host about the joys of crossing the finish line. I vaguely remembered reading something about Sarah finishing a half marathon, but to hear her describe it was such a surprise to me that I was instantly disappointed that I didn’t hear her for the whole hour she was there.

Luckily, it was archived, and so I got to hear the whole thing. Before she came on, the host played Springsteen’s “Born to Run” and Sarah’s own “So Many Miles”, both of which are in my running playlist. I may not use that playlist during a run, but I do use it as motivation beforehand, like with the First Half a few days ago. I was glad to hear Sarah say that she herself does not run with music, but rather prefers to be with her thoughts; many songs have been developed from Sarah’s running.

Sarah talked about how she got started in running, how she squeezed in runs while on tour, and how the writing process for Day One was influenced by her self-imposed exile in the wilderness and the running she did while there. She’s definitely committed, as evidenced when she talked about how she gradually increased her running time until she completed the Scotiabank Toronto Half Marathon last year. She also definitely sounded keen on completing a marathon (“a little bit of gutsy and a little bit of crazy”), but wants to run a couple more halfs to be really sure.

I absolutely adore Sarah and her music, but hearing how she’s also a runner, how she’s described it all, puts my appreciation of her on another level. I never thought that one of my posts from 2008, in which I quoted lyrics from “So Many Miles,” and thus converged the worlds of Sarah Slean and running, would come around again and reinforce my love for both.

(photo credit: ProdigyBoy @ flickr)


4 Comments on “Sarah Slean and running: “be still my lionheart!””

  1. Cameron says:

    Great write up and thanks for the photo credit. Her running seemed like a secret until she did that half marathon.

    I am curious if the “what are you running for” line in Lucky Me came while on a run too.

    • Eric says:

      Oh yeah, forgot about that line! I’d love to know which songs came about while she was running.

      And “So Many Miles” is more about her time in Paris than about running. But I still love it anyway!

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